• General Supreme Court & Case Information


    ·         Supreme Court Center at FindLaw.Com 
    The Supreme Court Center allows you to choose from a variety of researching sources. Users can search cases from the current docket by month or subject, read about the justices and landmark cases, and find case briefs and opinions. The Supreme Court Center also has the Court’s calendar and rules. The site also includes articles and reviews commenting on Supreme Court decisions.

    ·         The Legal Information Institute's Supreme Court Collection
    Cornell University Law School sponsors and maintains the Legal Information Institute (LII). The LII provides a collection of key Supreme Court cases, both past and present. There is also a glossary, the Court’s rules and links to other U.S. Supreme Court related sites. LII also contains collections of federal law, state law, and laws from around the world.  (

    ·         The Oyez Project
    The Oyez Project, maintained by Northwestern Univ., is a Supreme Court multimedia archive. The site is organized to provide information on the justices, cases, an online tour of the Court, a series of discussion forums, articles about cases on the docket this term, as well as the oral arguments for every case since the mid-1950s.  They provide good short summaries of cases and the question(s) presented in each. (

    ·         The Supreme Court's Website
    The official website for the United States Supreme Court allows access to a variety of information on the Court. You need Acrobat Reader (it can be downloaded if you don’t have it) to read some files. The home page provides links within the site, including a calendar and schedule for the current term, how to visit the Court, oral arguments, and additional information from related web sites. There is also an overview of the Supreme Court where you can research the Court’s procedures and biographies of justices. (

    ·         SCOTUS Blog        
    The weblog provides timely information on current cases before the Supreme Court including links to relevant editorial pieces and news on those cases.  There are also links to other Supreme Court sites and several news sites.  The site recently started offering Supreme Court – oriented podcasts.  The creators have also launched a companion site, SCOTUS Wiki, that will function somewhat like Wikipedia to provide users with information about Supreme Court cases quickly and conveniently. (

    ·         C-SPAN's Supreme Court Documentary and Teaching Resources

    At C-SPAN's web site, you can stream their documentary, The Supreme Court, along with interviews from the Justices, reporters, lawyers, and Court historians.  You can also buy a copy of the documentary.  C-SPAN Classroom (registration required) provides clips from the documentary and lessons and activities to accompany it. (http://supremecourt.c-span.org/)

    ·         Jurist: The Legal Education Network
    Jurist is an online legal education portal, providing legal news, legal research and scholarship, and information on law teaching.  The “Legal News” section has continuously updated coverage of hot legal topics in the U.S. and around the world.  Research can be done by cases and by statutes.  (

    ·         On the Docket
    On the Docket provides articles on cases currently before the Supreme Court including features on selected cases.  You can search archived material and link to case lists by year.  There are also links to other law related sites and news sites. (

    ·         Supreme Court Historical Society
    This site by the Supreme Court Historical Society contains extensive information on the history of the Supreme Court and how it became the Court it is today. The site has biographies of justices as well.  (

    ·         The Washington Post's Supreme Court Page
    The Washington Post site contains current news articles about recent Supreme Court decisions as well as sections spotlighting the newest justices. The site also archives the paper’s coverage of cases from the past five years.  You can get there from the Post’s home page by clicking on News, then Nation, then Special Reports, then Supreme Court.  (

    ·         The New York Times’ Supreme Court Page
    The New York Times site contains news articles about recent Supreme Court decisions, as well as links to several blogs.  It also contains links to articles relating to each of the Justices, interactive multimedia features, and a summary of the notable cases from the present term. (

    ·         Tony Mauro's Supreme Court Monitor
    The Law.com website has a Supreme Court Monitor that provides news and information on cases from this term. Decisions from cases in the last five years can be found by date or subject. There is also a section of the site listing cert petitions granted. (

    ·         Slate Magazine
    The site hosts a regular column by Dahlia Lithwick called Supreme Court Dispatches that provides engaging and accessible information on current issues before the Supreme Court.  Search for “Supreme Court Dispatches” for articles. (

    ·         Duke Law Supreme Court Online
    The site is geared towards teaching the general public about Supreme Court decisions.  There are “plain English” descriptions of the certiorari grants (including facts and legal issues), the full text opinion as well as edited opinions which are quite user friendly.  The site also includes commentary from legal scholars about the impact of the decisions. (

    ·         National Archives
    The National Archives Site contains a number of links – from the exhibits of important documents, to Congressional records, and even links to Presidential libraries.  The “Our Documents” link contains 100 milestone documents in American history, including documents, treaties, and court cases.  Each milestone document contains a brief synopsis, links to the document and other sources, and some contain suggested lesson ideas.  There is also a link to the Digital Classroom which has lesson plans for teaching with documents. (

    ·         American Bar Association
    The American Bar Association maintains a site that provides the merit briefs for Supreme Court cases since 2003.  Amicus briefs, decisions, and the oral argument transcripts are available for the most recent term.  The site also allows limited access to some of the archives of the American Bar Association's publication, Preview, which provides a summary of an analysis of each case decided during the selected term. (