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    Classroom Information

    Backpacks/Bookbags:   Your child should have a backpack or bookbag to carry his or her “school stuff” and folder in.  Our folder is for information that goes between Home and School.  This should be the place where you and I look for notes, etc.  This will keep notes from being lost somewhere in their backpacks.  Once school starts you should check your child’s folder daily for notes, letters, calendars, etc.  Your child is our “mail carrier" between home and school.  We must encourage the children to be responsible.
    Notes: If you child is absent from school, even if pre-arranged, we must have a written excuse or a phone call for our files. If you plan to pick up your child early for an appointment, send a note in advance. In addition, if is necessary for your child to have different arrangements after school, you must send us a note requesting this change.
    Calendar of Events: Each month your child will bring home a calendar that will list their day that they will be having library, music, p.e. or other special days. We suggest you add this calendar to your refrigerator message board.
    Money:   Any money sent in should be in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and what the money/check is for. 
    Label Everything:   Please put your child’s name on all the things they will be bringing to school.  Backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. are a few examples. 
    Snack Break  We will be having a snack break during the morning until the first part of November.  We are asking each family to send in 23 healthy, non-perishable snacks at the beginning of each month.  The snack will be for the whole class (apprix. 23 students).  Some good choices might be Goldfish, Pretzels, or Cheez-Its.
    Show and Tell I will set up a schedule on the calendar for show 'n share. The children will be assigned a certain day of the week for his/her show'n share day.  The schedule will be on the monthly calendar. The children can bring in something from home or share an experience they have had.  Its purpose is to develop poise and confidence in speaking and to encourage good listening skills. They will need to give the class 3 clues about their show'n share.
    Birthdays:   We will celebrate each child’s birthday on the day or as close to it as possible.  Any child wanting to share a special snack with the class for their birthday may do so.  Summer birthdays are celebrated during the month of May. I will send a note letting you know what day works for us.

    Special Visitors:   If you or someone else you know in our community has a hobby, talent, career, or collection that you think would be of interest to the children, we would be happy to arrange a time for you to come in.

    Gym:  Mrs. Troxel
    On Gym days the children need to wear tennis shoes and clothing that will enable the children to move freely to do physical activity.  Girls should not wear dresses or skirts on Gym days.


    Library:   Mrs. Greenwood 

    Please remind your child to always carry his/her library book in their backpacks.  If your child does not return his/her book, they will not get to choose another book until the book is returned.  


    Music:  Mrs. Meldahl
    Bookorders: Bookorders will be sent home approximately every month. You may make the check out to the company or cash is fine too. Please label your child's bookorder so we know who they belong to. The books are usually back within 2 weeks.