Please remind your child to use a pencil and crayons, not a pen or marker when doing his/her homework.  Mistakes are much easier to erase when a pencil is used.  Thank you!


    1.  READINGImagine It!


    Your child will have homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights, unless there is a test that day.  The children will be reading from an assigned "decodable books" from school and bringing it home to read with you twice.  Please sign your child's book or books and send them back to school in your child's take-home folder the next day. It is VERY important that your child bring his/her "decodable book" back to school EACH day.  Thank you!


    2.  MATHMath Expressions

    Please help your child complete his/her  homework.  When your child has math homework, you will find the worksheet in his/her folder. Please help your child return the worksheet in his/her take-home folder to be checked the next day. Also, it is important to practice math facts when we begin learning those skills.  Thank you!