• 1. Should the government create a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens and/or theirchildren when, and only after, the borders are secure (the game of eight planfor immigration reform)? Why or why not? Explain.


    2.Are laws designed to curb the obesity epidemic in America(i.e. banning unhealthy snacks and foods in school lunches, outlawing the selling of sugarydrinks in New York City,  San Francisco’sban on toys in fast-food kids meals) a legitimate use ofgovernment authority.Why or why not? Explain.


    3.Should the NSA (National Security Agency) be given broad latitude in accessingonline information of Americans (i.e. emails, texts, phone calls) without asearch warrant or any regard to individual privacy interests if it is done fornational security purposes?  Why or whynot? Explain.


    4. Doyou believe the ACA (Affordable Care Act/Obamacare) is a proper exercise offederal power? Does every American citizen have a right to medical care?Why or why not? Explain.


    5. Shouldthe government forbid the sale of video games and create more stringent regulationsin television broadcasts that are deemed too violent or sexual for minors? Whyor why not? Explain.

     6. Should welfare recipients be required to pass adrug test to receive any benefits? Why or why not? Explain.
     7. Sen.Barbara Boxer thinks minimum wage should be raised to be about $10 an hour to help close the ever-growing gap between the working poor and the rich and topromote a healthy nation.  Do you think the minimum wage should be increased? Why or why not?

    8. Doyou believe in capital punishment? Why or why not?


    9. It’sbeen 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech in which he proclaimed that he dreamed of a day in which children would be judged by the content oftheir character, not the color of their skin. Is it time for affirmative action programs to end?  Why or why not?  Explain. 


    10. Doyou believe gay marriage bans violate the Constitution’s equal protection clause? Why or why not?  Explain. 


    11. Doyou believe laws prohibiting the recreational use of marijuana should be repealed? Why or why not?  Explain. 


    12. Doyou believe gun control laws are an important way to protect public safety? Why or why not?  Explain. 


    13. Should schools be required to punish students for bullying that occurs on Facebook andother social media that occur outside of school? Why or why not?  Explain. 


    14. Doyou believe public schools should begin each day with a prayer or a moment of silence? Why or why not?  Explain. 

    15. Do you believe the government should enact strict regulations on businesses (i.e.cap and trade) to help protect our environment (i.e. Deepwater Horizon OilSpill in the Gulf) and reduce global warming? Why or why not?  Explain.