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    Course Description: This course is designed to provide high school juniors with a historical understanding of the United States as well as to further prepare them for college. We will take an in-depth look at major events including but not limited to pre-Columbian North America, the American Revolution, Manifest Destiny, the Civil War and Reconstruction, Imperialism, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, etc… and will explore how these events impacted the United States and still continue to do so even today. In order to better understand these events, we will also study the action leading up to and immediately following them, as well as by taking a look at the important people, places, and ideas that were the driving forces behind the action taking place. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the course content throughout the year by completing in-class activities, projects, source readings, tests, and other various coursework and homework assignments. Students will be expected to enroll in dual credit or take the A.P. Exam in May.


    Text: Out of Many: A History of the American People

    ·         We will not be checking out textbooks for this class as we will not use them much. If you need to check out a book for any reason, there will be a sign-out sheet on the counter. You are responsible for any lost or damaged book that you have signed out, so please take good care of them.



    Materials Needed for Class:

    ·         Something to write with, something to write on, and your brain



    A         100-90%                                 45%    Tests/Quizzes

    B          89-80%                                   35%    Papers/Projects/Mock Trials      

    C         79-70%                                   20%    Daily Assignments

    D         69-60%                                   

    F          59 and below                          


    ·         Semester Grade: The semester grades will be figured with each quarter grade counting towards 40% of the final grade. The semester exam will then make up the remaining 20% of the overall semester grade.


    ·         Citizenship: Class citizenship can be described as coming to class prepared and ready to be productive. This involves paying attention and taking notes, participating in class discussions, asking and answering questions, and by positively contributing to class on a regular basis. This does not involve misusing your phone, sleeping in class, being disruptive, talking when I am talking, etc… and any such behaviors will result in a loss of points.


    ·         Extra Credit: Extra credit will not be offered in a way that allows you to blow off work throughout the year and then come to me at the end of each quarter expecting to make up an excessive amount of lost points.  However, some extra credit will be offered in small doses such as a bonus question on an exam, a weekly extra credit question, and a civic participation opportunity.


    o   Weekly Extra Credit: I will put an extra credit question on the board at the start of each week. You cannot look up the answer during class time! To receive credit for the question, you must:

    1.      Provide the correct answer to the question.

    2.      Include something else interesting you discovered while researching the topic.

    3.      Have your answer submitted by the end of the school week.

    4.      Answering these every week will total to about 2% extra credit each quarter.


    o   Civic Participation/Enrichment: To be a member of the community means to volunteer, join civic associations, run for public office, etc…, all of which are essential to democracy and to the United States.  Participating in these events this year can also earn you extra credit. Your options include:

    1.      Attend a community meeting (city council, school board, etc…).

    2.      Perform community service outside of the class (minimum 1 hour).

    3.      Attend a social science “Ted Talk” on Wednesdays.

    4.      Visit a significant historical location (museum, battlefield, etc…).

    5.      You can participate in one per quarter for a total of 2% extra credit each quarter.


    Guidelines and Procedures:


    ·         Absences/Makeup Work: Attendance is extremely important! A large majority of the assignments we do will be done together in class, therefore, missing a lot of school will eventually have a negative impact on your grade if you are not on top of things.

    1.      It will be your responsibility to visit with me to get any work or notes that you might have missed while you were absent.

    2.      You will get one day for each absence plus an additional day to make up missed work.

    3.      If you happen to miss a quiz or test, come see me to schedule a day and time in which it can be made up. Please schedule within a timely manner!

    4.      If you know you are going to be absent, either for a school related function or if you are just leaving town, make the effort to get your work ahead of time and handed in before you leave. It will make your life that much easier while you are gone if you do not have to worry about schoolwork. If it is not handed in before you leave, it will be due as soon you get back.


    ·         Late Work: I understand that late work happens. Everyone will have that day where they forget their work at home or simply just forget to do it. However, out of fairness to those that do get their work in on time, points will be deducted for any late work I receive. For every day the assignment is late, there will be a letter-grade deduction from the assignment’s initial grade. After three days, the late assignment can no longer be turned in and a zero will be given. You also may not work on late assignments during instruction/class time.


    ·         Cheating: Any form of cheating or plagiarism in this class will not be tolerated. Cheating on any assignment, whether it is a test or homework, will result in a zero for that assignment. These are points that cannot be made up. Cheating will also result in further disciplinary action determined by me.


    Cell Phones: The expectation is that cell phones can be a value to this classroom if used appropriately. Your phone may only be used for educational purposes as outlined in the school handbook and after receiving permission from me. Any violations will result in the cell phone being taken away. Multiple violations will lead to further disciplinary action if deemed necessary. If you have a valid reason to do any of the above, request permission and it may be granted. Phones must not be present on test/quiz days.


    ·         Food/Beverages: I have no issue with food or beverages being consumed in my room; however, it is a privilege that can just as easily be taken away as it can be given. These items will no longer be allowed in the classroom if:

    1.      They become a distraction during class time.

    2.      There are continuous issues with spills or messes.

    3.      If you cannot clean up after yourself and I am left to do so.


    ·         Communication: If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything throughout the course of the school year please do not hesitate to come and discuss them with me. I can quickly answer any questions you might have before and after class/school. You can also schedule to meet with me during lunch or before or after school if you would like help with something or would like to meet for longer than just a few minutes. I cannot help you if you choose not to make the effort to visit with me!