• Culinary Arts I

    This one-semester course emphasizes meal planning, recipe experimentation and food preparation.  Students work together to prepare many recipes in lab groups of 3-4 students.  Emphasis is also placed on developing skills in meal preparation for the working family member and food service careers.   

    Culinary Arts II

    This course is designed to meet the needs of students who have taken Culinary Arts I and
    still want to study further in this field. This course goes beyond the basics, and students
    develop their food preparation skills to a higher level; as they prepare a variety of recipes to challenge their culinary skills for individual use or the culinary workplace.

    International Foods

    This course is designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of the food and
    customs of nine different countries and regional cuisine of the United States. Preparing and tasting foods will give students much of the expertise necessary to prepare recipes for their personal use. Students will gain a greater understanding of the culture and cuisine of these countries.

    Early Childhood Education I

    This course is an experienced-based program that teaches students how to work with children effectively as parents as well as child care workers.  A pre-school involving four- and five-year old children is operated three days a week for 24 weeks of the year.  The "Busy Beaver Pre-School" provides students with the skills necessary for working with young children as future parents or for careers that will involve working with children.  Future elementary education majors can experience "teaching" young students in preparation for their career.

    Early Childhood Education II

    This course is a practicum which enables students who have already successfully completed Early Childhood Education I to gain further experience in working with children.  Students will teach in the school operated pre-school in preparation for careers in elementary education or for additional experience in teaching young children.

    Child Development

    Child development is a look at life from the prenatal world, through pregnancy and childbirth and the first five years of a child's life. This one-semester  class is designed to  increase enjoyment and understanding of children and provide students with a framework of knowledge to make better decisons. A field trip to the Sidney Health Center with student questions answered by an OB/GYN, a tour of the OB wing and viewing of an actual ultrasound as well as a guest speaker from the health department on STD's help enhance topic areas.


    This one-semester class is designed for students who want to learn more about the fashion world. It explores all aspects of the fashion  scene, including color analysis and investment dressing. Students will study identification of fashion styles, wardrobe planning and become familiar with other terms relating to ready-to-wear and designer clothes.  Basic techniques of construction will be learned with use of the "serger' and computerized embroidery machines.  Students construct quilts or clothing project of their choice for 9 weeks of the semester.  This class is for those students who enjoy fashion or are considering a future in the business of retail fashion.
    Fiber Tech
    This one semester class is designed for students who have basic quilting/sewing skills or would like to develop sewing skills.  Students will create quilting or yarn knitting/crocheting projects with the approval of the teachers.  Students will work individually and will be graded daily on his/her classroom time management and completion of projects.  Students will work on projects with assistance and instruction from the teachers.  Projects should challenge the student's ability.