• West Side School has been collecting used ink & laser cartridges. 

    This project was started in 2002. 

    We get a small amount of cash for each box full we mail.

    The funds received are used for student activities, field trips, & assemblies.

    Since the end of school last spring we have earned $129.00

    The Environmental Impact in 1 year of collecting at West Side School.
       Toner Cartridges - 348 units or 926 pounds
       Inkjet Printer Cartridges 138 units 1 pound
    Resources collected:  
       Plastic 11 lbs            Nylon  1 lbs
       Steel 7 lbs           Aluminum   1 lbs
    Environmental impact:
          Counterbalancing CO2 emissions from the consumption of 20 barrels of oil
          Offsetting CO2 emissions from the consumption of 966 gallons of gasoline
          Staving off global warming via the intake and storage of carbon of 221 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.
          Counterbalancing CO2 emissions from 359 propane cylinders used for home barbeques.