Arrival and Dismissal
    Arrival time at school in the morning is 7:55 with school beginning at 8:00. All students should go to the playground until the bell rings. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for weather conditions. Dismissal time is 3:05.
    PE/Music:  10:20-10:50
    Your child will have either PE or Music every day at 10:20. The days will alternate so you will receive a calendar. Please send your child dressed properly on PE days with tennis shoes that do not slip off easily and comfortable clothing.   
    The children will play outdoors for three 15 minute recesses each day. (Unless it is raining or the wind chill is below 0 degrees)  Please keep this in mind when helping your child to select clothing for the day. 
    We will go to Library almost every week. Your child can check out book(s) if they bring back their book(s) and do not have any late charges. Check the monthly calendar for the exact days.
    Reading Books will be taken home on Tuesdays. Please sign the student bookmark when your child has read and discussed the current story with you.
    Spelling Lists will be provided to the students on Mondays. (It is also available on this website.) Our practice test is on Thursday. If  a student gets a 100% on the practice test, he or she will not have to take the final test on Friday.
    The students will need to study their Math Facts most nights as homework. 
    Make-up work may need to be taken home if the student is unable to complete it during the next two school days.


    Homework Folder 

    Students will take the folder home and return it each day. Please check it every day for special notes and student papers.  Your child’s papers on the Keep at Home side should be taken out each night.  Special notes and homework will automatically go in the Return to School side.  You can also place notes to me in the folder since it is an easy means of communication throughout the year.
    Your child is more than welcome to bring treats to celebrate his or her birthday. Please send enough for everyone in the class. Birthday party invitations are not to be sent to school to pass out unless the whole class is invited. This avoids hurt feelings. If your child's birthday falls during the summer, let me know when he or she would like to celebrate it during the school year.