Dear Parent/Guardian,

              It’s back to school time again. I am excited about sharing this school year with your child. We will be learning many new and exciting things throughout the year. As you child enters third grade, they will be given more responsibilities. Please read (and refer to as needed) to the following information to help your child have a successful year.



              Spelling lists will be sent home on the last day of each week.  The students will take a final test on Friday.  The students will be graded on their test score for the week as well as on other spelling work which is completed in class. A practice test will be given on Wednesdays each week. Students who score 100% on this practice test will not take the final spelling test on Friday of that week.


    Book Orders:

              Book and software orders will be sent home about once a month.  You are welcome to order, but you do not have to order.  If you choose to order please send your order to school with your child and the required amount of money.  You may pay with cash or a personal check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs not to Mrs. Wheeling.  You may also order online and make a payment with a credit card. Book orders will usually arrive at school one week after being sent.



    All About Me board:

              Each week a student from the class will be featured on the “All About Me” bulletin board.  The students will fill out and color a poster about themselves, and are welcome to bring pictures of themselves, family, pets, etc. to help the class learn a little more about each student.  The pictures will not be damaged, and will be returned immediately after being taken down. 


    Reading Homework:

         To help your child become a better reader, it is encouraged that your child also silent read at home, 20 minutes at least four days a week.  Mix it up.  Read to your child, and then let your child read to you.  You may also wish to read every other page of a book with your child.  Every bit of extra practice will help your child become a better reader. 


    Accelerated Reader and Book It program:

              The students each have an individual point goal for the month.  This goal may change as we continue through the school year.  The students may also read and take tests to earn points, which are used to earn prizes.  Students will also be rewarded with monthly reading parties for returning their monthly Book It calendars. Students must earn 3 AR Points  each month to be eligible for the reading party.  Please encourage your child to read at home.



              We will use Math Expressions. Work should be completed at school.  Flash cards will be sent home for students to practice.


    Daily Folder:

              Each day a folder will be sent home with your child.  It will contain homework, spelling lists, notes from me or the office, changes or additions to the monthly calendar, etc.  If your child does not finish their school work at school they must take it home to finish it. He/she has one school day to return it for full credit. Please make a habit of going through this folder with your child nightly so as not to miss any of the important things your child has going on at school.  This is also a great way for parents to communicate with me as well.  Please help to ensure that your child returns this folder to school daily.  I communicate with emails.  Please send me your email address so I can include you in my mailings.  My school email is pwheeling@sidney.k12.mt.us




              The students are allowed to bring a healthy snack from home each day.  I do not have a large refrigerator in my room, so I will not be able to keep any yogurt, etc. for your child at this time.  Some suggestions for a healthy snack include raw vegetables, sliced fruit, a granola bar, or popcorn (popped at home).