DesCartes Learning Continuum DesCartes is a learning continuum resource aligned to state standards. It is designed to help you translate the raw data from your students' assessments into actionable plans for instruction, grouping and more.
How It Works
DesCartes orders specific skills in reading, language usage, math and science by achievement level. Reading, language and math are further aligned to goal structures underlying the assessments. Because it is designed around achievement level, educators can use it as a way to gauge gaps between what a student is ready to learn, and what the curriculum is presenting. Armed with this knowledge, educators can develop goals and design instruction to help close the gaps.
An Indispensable Roadmap
DesCartes provides a common framework that teachers, parents, students and administrators can use to move forward. With this resource, you can personalize instruction, select appropriate topics and skills to address, and maintain a strong growth trajectory for every student.
What's more, several teachers can use DesCartes to create co-learning experiences, share resources across grade levels and ensure that each student has a firm foundation transitioning to the next grade.