Lexi Baxter & Mrs. Iversen
    Baxter Email: abaxter@sidney.k12.mt.us
    Iversen Email: siversen@sidney.k12.mt.us
    Phone: 406-433-5132
    Mrs. Baxter  Mrs. Iversen
    Hello Students! We hope you are all doing well. We sure miss you. It's very quiet here without you.
    Next week (March 30th-April 3rd) you will be completing a PowerPoint project that all your 7th grade teachers created together. Those of you in Mrs. Iversen's math class, you only need to complete her math. Those of you in Mrs. Baxter's reading only need to read the articles marked Baxter. You will be able to answer the questions about the articles on the PowerPoint. All of you need to comlete the writing, science, and social studies sections. If you are doing this digitally then you will go to the 7th grade TEAMs, if you are doing this with pencil and paper, you will pick it up in the 6th grade entry. Hope to see you all soon. We will update you on what to expect the week of April 6th. Ta-ta.