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      Nikki Berube
      2nd Grade Teacher
      Phone: 406 433-2530 (West Side)
      Homeroom: Room 304 West Side
      West Side Elementary School


    Please check this page everyday for lessons and updates!


    Student Lesson Plans for Mon. Mar. 30 – Fri. Apr. 3

    • Monday
    • Reading/Language (writing)
    • Vocabulary – on papers in book
    • Read Jack & the Beanstalk (142-153)
    • Complete Somebody-Wanted-But-So-Then writing wkst(Complete Sentences!)
    • Know It, Show It p 220-223 (223 – Complete Sentences!)
    • Math
    • Number Lines & Length Word Problems – H&R 7-5
    • Tuesday
    • Reading/Language (writing)
    • Phonics – ou, ow, oy, oi & Prefix mis- (done in video)
    • Read Jackie & the Beanstalk (160-171)
    • Do Compare/Contrast Venn Diagram (Complete Sentences!)
    • Know It, Show It p 224-226
    • Math
    • Fractional Parts (Use a ruler! Make sure parts are equal size & shape) – Do all problems – H&R 7-6
    • Wednesday
    • Reading/Language (writing)
    • Reread both stories (p142-153 & 160-171)
    • Know It, Show It p 227-228 (227 - Complete sentences!)
    • Quotation Marks & Commas – wkst 511-512 ( Do not have to do the final arrow part at the bottom of both pages)
    • Math
    • Unit 7 Review wkst (p 323-326)
    • Thursday
    • Reading/Language (writing)
    • Reading Test – Use the complete sentence format on the last page that we always do. - No assistance please!
    • Math
    • Unit 7 Test - No assistance please!
    • Friday
    • Moby Max – do 20 minutes each of Math, Reading, and Language – you can do game breaks in between for 5 minutes each or 15 minutes when done with all
    • AR read – Mrs. Denowh has offered to read the AR tests to you if you call the school and ask for her. (She may have to call you back if she is working with another student.)
    Welcome to my website and to 2nd grade. I am excited to be teaching 2nd grade and to be able to learn with your child this year. I believe learning can be fun and hope to encourage a love of learning in your child.
    We will be working on Language Arts skills using a new series called Into Reading. This incorporates phonics, spelling, grammar, writing, and reading into one unit. Math Expressions will be used as our Math series. Other fun and educational units and projects will also be completed throughout the school year.