Emergency Alerts

School Emergency Alerts--UPDATE

Sidney Public Schools will be using two platforms for Emergency Notifications from this point forward.  The District's webpage provider, due to FCC regulations, no-longer supports text messaging.  Consequently, the District will use Infinite Campus, our student-parent data system to send text, emails and voice mails when Emergency notifications are needed (i.e., canceling of bus routes due to weather). Email messages will also be sent via Schoolwires with messaging posted on the school's main webpage under announcements.  A test was conducted today (January 13, 2017) using the Infinite Campus System. 

With voice messaging through Infinite Campus, the system will continue to call all phone numbers for the recipient.  To stop additional calls, a recipient should always pres "0" to confirm receipt of the message.  If "0" is not pressed, the system will continue to call.  Voice call confirmation will not cancel the "Text message" from going to other recipients who share numbers.  In most cases, once you have received a message, you do not need to contact the school unless directed.

If you have questions, please contact the District Administrative office or your student's principal.